Product Description:

Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides 78

The Timeline PowerPoint Template offers a creative and engaging way to create timelines with a global outlook. The template’s background features a world map, providing geographical context to the timeline’s events or milestones.

At the top of the slide, there’s a placeholder for the title. Towards the bottom of the image, each year has a placeholder for adding details. This allows for a clear and organized representation of the timeline’s progression over time.

Above each year marker, there’s a pin showing particular events. These pins are connected to text boxes where you can add details about each event. This feature allows you to explain the events shown on the timeline more. This slide template is available in 17 colors for you to choose from.

Overall, this Timeline Template is a useful tool for presentations that showcase a series of global events or milestones over time. Whether for educational purposes, business presentations, or informational sessions, this timeline PowerPoint template gives a clear and detailed representation of the timeline.