How To Make A Timeline in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

December 20, 2020| slideuplift
How To Make A Timeline in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

Timelines are perfect for telling business stories and showcasing projects and processes in a simplified manner. This Powerpoint Tutorial explains how to make a timeline in PowerPoint in a fraction of time.

What is a Timeline PowerPoint Template?

PowerPoint Timeline is a great way to help visualize and simplify complex information. You can use a timeline template to present a list of events in sequential order or highlight the sequence of business processes or planned strategy. They come in handy for Project Managers to effectively present their project plans, key dates, or workflows over a period of time.

 Here are a few examples of the different use cases of timeline PowerPoint-

  • Project managers can present a timeline of milestones, project deliverables, notable events, etc. 
  • Startups can use them to showcase their future business planning. 
  • Business Managers can give a quick overview of events or business highlights over a period of time.

There are plenty of other uses for a timeline template. How you’re going to use one in your presentation depends on the goal of your presentation. To learn more about different ways of presenting timelines, read our blog on Best Practices and Examples of building effective Timeline Templates.

How to Make a Timeline in PowerPoint?

There are various ways to make a Timeline in PowerPoint. Here is the easiest way you can make a professional Timeline PowerPoint Template.

Step 1 – Insert Chevron Shape

Step 2 – Duplicate the shape as many times as you want- “Ctrl + D.” 

Step 3 – Adjust the size and shape of the shape

Step 4 – Apply color to the shapes – Shape format>Shape Fill

Step 5 – Add shadows to the shapes – Shape Format> Shape Effect> Shadow 

Step 6 – Add Text inside the shapes – Double click on the shape to add text 

Step 7 – Change color of  the text – Shape Format> Text Fill 

Step 8 – Add detailed text to describe each step. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to make a timeline in PowerPoint.

Here is a free timeline template for you to try.

Timeline PowerPoint Template

Timeline PowerPoint Template

View Free Timeline Template

To get more creative timeline ideas, view the complete collection of 100+ Timeline PowerPoint Templates

View 100+ timeline PPT Templates

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