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Present TED-style: Six Things TED Presenters Do That You Can Copy And Use In Your Next Presentation

It’s a harsh reality of the digital age: capturing and maintaining another person’s attention is becoming increasingly difficult. While there is minimal factual information on the typical person’s attention span during a presentation, savvy presenters are well aware that audiences are an impatient lot. As a result, it is more vital than ever for every one of us to think carefully about how we convey information.

Certain types of business presentations provide a chance for executives to demonstrate their knowledge while also providing audience members with useful and exciting information. TED and TEDx talks (which are organized locally and independently) have come to symbolize the peak of high-caliber business presentations.

What is a TED Talk? 

TED Talks are brief, powerful presentations of ideas presented by experienced speakers at TED and TEDx conferences across the world. What distinguishes TED Talks is that they are generally recognized as highly impactful, motivating, inspiring and insightful. These presentations are easily digestible due to their brief nature. Their carefully selected speakers give them credibility.

A TED Talk is 18 minutes long, a duration set by TED organizers based on neuroscience as well as strategy. They recognized that 18 minutes was long enough for a speaker to flesh out a topic while remaining short enough for a listener to take in, assimilate, and understand all of the crucial information.

The concept of TED Talks was developed in 1984 during the inaugural TED conference. The TED acronym refers to the initial focus of these lectures, which was Technology, Entertainment, and Design. 

The first TED conference established a good tone, with talks on the compact disc (a novel idea at the time), the e-book, and other cutting-edge technical concepts. The second TED conference was conducted in 1990 and was so well received that it became an annual event.

6 Tips Inspired By Ted Talks To Give A Killer Presentation

TED Talks are so well-done that they almost symbolize authority and perfection. Let’s look at what makes them so appealing from an audience’s viewpoint.

1. Understand Your Audience 

This is critical for maximizing the effectiveness of any communication. To effectively communicate your “big idea,” you must first grasp what your audience understands and cares about. Then customize your presentation accordingly.

If you’re giving a presentation to a new or relatively unfamiliar audience, there are several quick ways to collect information, such as researching and reading a pertinent Reddit discussion or having a quick interaction with someone more knowledgeable.

Most TED speakers do substantial research about their audience, sometimes calling them out by name. This makes them fully grounded in the reality of the stage they are standing on.

2. Explore The Venue Where You Will Be Delivering Your Presentation

As a thumb rule, the background of your slides should match the room in which you’re speaking. In TED talks, typically, large arenas are frequently used. The hall is darkened so that the visual focus is on what’s on stage. 

Matching the backdrops of your slides to the details of your location can be quite successful, drawing attention to the presentation’s content rather than what is happening around

Keep the viewing angles and distance of the audience in consideration as well. You want people to be on the edge of their seats, but not because they’re squinting to make out your tiny text.

3. Connect With Your Audience

It’s tempting to imagine that the value of a TEDx talk is in the performance. After all, TED talks are regarded for being both motivating and engaging, and TED presenters are at the pinnacle of their profession. However, focusing on the performance overlooks what truly distinguishes these presentations: the connection.

Consider your favorite TED talks and why you hold them in such high regard. I’m guessing your solution has something to do with the speaker’s passion, conviction, and ability to connect with their audience. This is something that successful corporate presentations have in common with TED-style talks. So, how can you ensure that your next presentation connects with your audience?

Creating a connection involves many aspects- an important one is an authenticity. An authentic business presentation is not a spontaneous act. It is anything but. It takes careful thinking. Authenticity necessitates dedication to writing and editing until the content is perfect. Delivery is important in addition to content. Authentic presenters, in addition to their content, pay close attention to how they physically come across to their audience: their facial gestures, hand movements- everything is in focus.  

With proper preparation, they reach a point when they are able to speak to the audience as if they were chatting to a dear friend over a favorite beverage; the real them shines through. This level of authenticity generates connection, trust and leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

Yet, it is not necessary to have everything flawless for a good presentation. It all comes down to being prepared, wanting to connect, and sharing frankly with people. Remember to practice aloud to get there!

4. Explain One Concept Per Slide

To effectively deliver a message, your audience must be able to focus on and “understand it.” Instead of relying on a single slide to convey many concepts. It may even be appropriate to spread a single notion across numerous presentations. This permits the speaker to focus on it for a longer period without losing momentum.

From an audience’s perspective, less is more. If you need a reference for yourself, use the speaker notes by all means but keep the slide content to a minimum so the audience can focus and comprehend.

5. Keep The Presentation Content Precise

The purpose of the slides is to assist the presenter, not to steal the thunder from the presenter. The speaker should be the center of attention. Consider using single visuals and/or a few sentences rather than phrases. Consider the phrase over the sentence. You don’t want your audience to begin reading and then quit listening.

The content should be supported by the slide content rather than being relayed by it. Everything on your slides should have a purpose. There will be no placeholders, watermarks, headers, or footers without good reason. If you haven’t already decided, utilizing your normal business presentation template is generally not a smart choice.

6. Inspire Your Audience

Finally, as a corporate communicator, you may not be as big a known authority on your subject as a TED speaker. Yet you can get attention with your clarity, drive, and enthusiasm.

Regardless of the topic or how many times you’ve given a presentation on it, it’s critical that you express your thoughts with excitement. Keep in mind that your audience will pick up on your cues. You can bet your audience will be bored if you appear uninterested. To present a memorable message, you must demonstrate your passion for the subject.

Once again, this best practice is about cultivating the mentality that will enable you to be a good presenter. Your passion for your subject fuels an interesting, real delivery that will resonate with listeners.

A Few TED Style Template Examples:

Lamp Business Strategy

Lamp Business Strategy

Source: Lamp Business Strategy by SlideUpLift

30 60 90 Day Plan

30 60 90 Day Plan

Source: 30 60 90 Day Plan by SlideUpLift

Corporate Highlights

Corporate Highlights

Source: Corporate Highlights by SlideUpLift

The Bottom Line

Some people find public speaking easy, while others find it difficult. You can create a great impact with the correct framework, planning, slides, and practice. The world is inspired by TED Talks. They are a source of inspiration for our most creative and innovative minds.

TED has taught us many lessons: For example, Sharing data and numbers doesn’t have to be boring, Storytelling has and will always work, Once the lights are on, it is all about the presenter and their connection with the audience. Nothing else matters. So let your genuineness and enthusiasm flow through as you present. People will feel inspired and educated.

Use these TED talks to improve your presenting skills and become interested in sharing your knowledge. Be brave and speak up. In case you are looking for TED Style templates, check out the vast collection of free PowerPoint templates to get started.  Your presentation will be worth sharing as well.

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