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SlideUpLift Fixes Gaps In Google Slides To Make Your Next Presentation a Breeze

Google Slides is an excellent tool for creating corporate presentations. After all, Google Slides is free to use; there is no software to install, no data loss, and it includes features that other tools can only wish for!

Despite all the advantages offered by Google Slides, it is yet under-equipped to serve the presentation needs of a business professional. 

These limitations of Google Slides include the following:

1. Availability of Limited Templates

Many people nowadays choose to use templates to make their presentations look more attractive. Unfortunately, Google Slides provides its users with a relatively limited range of templates. The range, depth, and breadth of themes and templates is nowhere close to what users take for granted in PowerPoint. This is perhaps one of the areas where Google Slides might improve in the future.

2. Google Slides is Unintuitive and Not So User-Friendly

Some feel the interface of Google Slides lacks intuitiveness. On the other hand, PowerPoint has, over the years, understood user experience requirements far better and has continuously made enhancements to improve on this dimension. Google Slides is still on the journey, causing frustrations for the end user frequently. 

For example, the ribbons in PowerPoint, if configured well provide one-click access to many frequently used features, whereas, in Google Slides, the approach continues to be based on deep menu clicks. This becomes a source of annoyance, especially when building longer presentations or when you are strapped for time.

3. Missing Functionalities

Google Slides is missing a host of features that are available in other presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. This includes, but is not limited to, lacking in simple formatting options like making your presentation text curved, limited shadowing and 3d effects, inserting media in slides, and adding iconography amid a host of other inadequacies.

While these limitations in and of themselves don’t make the tool unusable, these do pose constraints on what Google Slides is able to deliver when it comes to creating professional presentations that reflect precisely what the presenter wants to convey through slides.

4. Hard to Collaborate on Charts and Graphs

One of the biggest challenges with Google Slides is that it is incredibly hard to collaborate on charts and graphs. This is because when creating permissions, the sheet behind the charts has its own set of permissions which need to be managed independent of the slides’ permissions. 

There are workarounds, but these add to the friction one experiences since the tools don’t work seamlessly together.

5. Limited options for Animations and Transitions

When it comes to animations and transitions, Google Slide offers limited possibilities. PowerPoint on the other hand has an amazing collection of effects and configuration options that can make a presentation highly interactive and appealing. While Google Slides does offer a few animations and transition options, the customization ability is very basic.

No doubt Google Slides is an attractive option for various reasons that were described earlier in this write up- yet these gaps make it just a tad bit harder and less impactful to work with Google Slides. 

So, what can one do to overcome these limitations of Google Slides and create aesthetically amazing presentations with minimal frustrations?

Well, this is where SlideUpLift has placed its focus!

How Does SlideUpLift Help in Covering the Gaps Made By Google Slides?

Using a variety of proprietary techniques, SlideUpLift covers the gaps made by Google Slides. SlideUpLift has rolled out a massive collection of ready-made Google Slides templates using such techniques that cover the gaps that the tool natively carries. These templates are designed by industry experts with years of expertise in the corporate world.

Apart from this, these Google Slides templates are 100% editable and carry enormous breadth and depth of topic areas. In order to provide the user with a diverse range of Google Slides, these Google Slides templates include Pitch Deck Templates, Business Plan Templates, Marketing Strategy Templates, and Business framework Templates, among many more.

SlideUpLift also has created proprietary solutions to address the other challenges in Google Slides pertaining to formatting options and graphs and chart-related limitations. These solutions are implemented in their template collection.

These Google Slides themes and templates are designed to help the user save time and increase productivity. 

Check out these stunning Google Slides templates today and start making amazing presentations!

Google Slides Templates

Google Slides Templates

Source: Google Slides Templates by SlideUpLift

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