Product Description:

The 30 60 90 Day Plan For New Hires 1 PowerPoint Template is a guide that is crafted to assist managers and HR professionals in simplifying the onboarding process for team members. This template clearly outlines goals and expectations for the three months in a new role.

User-friendly fonts and bullet points guide individuals through establishing initial objectives, mapping out an action strategy, and developing scalable initiatives for ensuring success. Within the 30 day segment, there is room to develop a starting point emphasizing objectives and tasks for the newcomer. The 60 day segment is where action strategies are delivered to gain insights into company processes. Lastly, the 90 day segment focuses on expanding upon knowledge and contributing to company-wide initiatives. This interactive 30 60 90 plan template offers an organized approach segmented into three distinct parts, each represented by a unique color—red for the first month, green for the second month, and yellow for the third month. 

This professional PowerPoint template caters to supervisors, HR personnel, and trainers who are involved in hire orientation. It encompasses all stages of early employment in a compact, easily understandable format. Users will discover that customizing this template to suit their needs is simple, and elements like text, font, and color can all be changed. It works seamlessly with PowerPoint and Google Slides for utmost flexibility in creating and sharing presentations.

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