Product Description:

The Animated Digital Transformation Background is designed to grab the attention of the viewers by its unique title and animated effect. This design is particularly beneficial for individuals working in the technological industry, like IT professionals, managers, and trainers. 

The background image is dark in color, with a globe and digital connectivity shown around it. There are six networking icons interlinked with each other, symbolizing various digital factors that have transformed worldwide. The animation used for this presentation wallpaper is wipe and move. The icons appear one by one, as shown in the preview slides. The title of the presentation can be given in the area where the words Digital Transformation are given. The company name and logo can be added as per the requirements. 

All the elements of this simple backgrounds for Slides are customizable. This template can be used as the title page or an explanatory slide as the presentation is being explained. It can be used for discussions to explain the vision and mission of the company to the stakeholders, investors, and employees. The template is compatible with PowerPoint as well as Google Slides.