Product Description:

A Pitch Deck is an efficient presentation style that summarizes the general idea of a new project along with a step-by-step breakdown of how the project will progress. This includes an introduction to the team taking up the new project, the breakdown of the project’s details, and the financial requirements it comes with. There is also the scope to highlight previous projects that have been taken up in a similar manner and their results, which can help raise venture capital. Overall, it is a fundraising process that facilitates the development of new products or services for the organization.

The Canva Seed Pitch Deck is a professional pitch deck template that provides slides with all the necessary information to be provided to the audience. The entire template is made in a white and green color tone, which is easy to look at and is not strenuous. There are several relief elements that help to break down the text elements, such as graphics, tables, images, and charts. The template comes with multiple options to present data, such as bar graphs and pyramid charts. There are also transition elements on slides that are interlinked to highlight the differences between the two pages. This particular template is made as Canva presents to its stakeholders.

This pitch deck template by SlideUpLift can be used by any organization that wishes to introduce a new product or service to increase venture capital. All the slides presented in the template are 100% customizable, so users can use them to present any sort of product. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, all elements of the template, including text, font, images, and color, are customizable and editable.