Product Description:

An efficient presentation format called a pitch deck outlines a new project’s proposal and a detailed explanation of how it will be implemented. This contains an overview of the project’s requirements, an introduction to the team taking on the new action, and a breakdown of the costs associated with the project. For the purpose of raising venture capital, it is also possible to highlight previous efforts that have been undertaken similarly and their outcomes. All things considered, it’s a fundraising process that helps the company create new products or services.

The Cervest Series A Pitch Deck by SlideUpLift is a template that visualizes a new software idea to gain capital for its development. Unlike typical pitch decks, this template begins by presenting statistics and data that the team has researched, which makes it evident that there is a need for this new software and that it is something new and different. The deck presents the problem, the research conducted, and the solution in the beginning, getting right to the point and emphasizing a sense of urgency. This is followed by an introduction of the team and a basic roadmap for the development and launch of the software. This template is data-driven and consists of several elements which help in delivering the data to the audience. The major colors are blue, green, and white, and they are used throughout the template. 

These pitch deck templates can be used by any organization that wishes to introduce a new product or service to lay stress on the data that has been found during the research phase. All the slides presented in the template are 100% customizable, so users can use them to show any product. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, all elements of the template, including text, font, images, and color, are customizable and editable.