Product Description:

Pitch Deck is a powerful presentation method that companies frequently use to emphasize telling investors or stakeholders about their plans for a new product or service. An optimal pitch deck consists of a general problem statement, a solution that addresses the issue raised, suitable action plans, research-backed data analysis that can be compared with major competitors, and more. A compelling pitch deck can raise venture financing or boost public trust in a company. Series C deck refers to the third round of fundraising, where the organization raises money for the project.

The Clark Series C Pitch Deck is a convincing and reliable PowerPoint template that heavily relies on the use of various visual elements to portray a message and foster the required message to the audience. The template starts off by highlighting how their business model has been recognized in the past few years, which gives stakeholders confidence in the firm. That is followed by a general competitor analysis and how the company’s products or services have been outperforming those of their competitors. A general slide detailing the team gives them the credit that is due by ensuring that their efforts are recognized. Finally, an overview of how the firm plans to grow in the next few years is detailed in the template. The color scheme of the template is basic white and blue, and it relies on several graphical elements to show the data.

Firms that need to emphasize their past success can use this template as it talks in detail about how the organization has made a difference and how their products or services impacted the market. All the slides in the template are 100% customizable, so users can use them to show any product. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, all elements of the template, including text, font, images, and color, are customizable and editable. You can find several free pitch decks on SlideUpLift.