Managing Remote Teams

A remote team is a group of professionals working from different geographical locations, having diverse skills and bearing different cultures, working together on a unified project. Many challenges come with managing a remote team, including project management, managing remote employees, and keeping project deliverables on time. Remote teams are increasingly becoming popular in organizations worldwide. This widespread acceptance of the idea of teams being geographically dispersed is only possible through virtual communication. Working with remote teams has its benefits. However, Remote teams must bond with each other and collaborate well. To bring them together, virtual team-building exercises are a must. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with the TeamUpLift series to highlight the importance of virtual team-building activities. Through these activities, we discuss how employees can control their emotions and consider others’ needs with communication training. Such remote team-building activities help ensure a productive, collaborative, and healthy work environment, all crucial attributes for organizations in an increasingly competitive world.