Product Description:

The Resume Timeline Template for MS PowerPoint and Google Slides is a chronological and well-defined presentation template that presents a year-by-year highlight of your professional journey. This template is a standout layout that can help you get noticed by potential employers. 

This template features a plain white backdrop, with various shades of blue making up for the highlight features. The user’s name, image, and basic information make up the header and introduce the user to the viewers. The main feature of this resume PowerPoint template is the year-by-year breakdown of the work the user has done and what they have accomplished in their professional life. 

The timeline PowerPoint templates can be used by individuals in the job market who have experience over the past few years that can be relevant to potential employers. The elements used can be edited and customized to match the user’s requirements and preferences. The template is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides for easy convenience.

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