Product Description:

SWOT Analysis Animation 03 Presentation Template

SWOT analysis is a business strategy used to evaluate the business’ position compared to its competitors. It is used to assess the strengths and weaknesses as well as unlock opportunity doors and identify hidden risks. 

SWOT Analysis Animation 03 PowerPoint Template is divided into two halves. The right side shows the SWOT elements, whereas the left side shows the key action that the business needs to focus on. This is a blue-gray color scheme that portrays a professional PowerPoint template. The blue color is mainly used for icons and numbering, and the gray color is used for the background and highlighting of some areas. 

The right-hand side includes the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and threats the business faces with a frame for their descriptions. The left hand side showcases the actions that have to be taken in relation to each SWOT element respectively. The blue color shade allows the user to unify the left hand side information to the right hand side information. 

This SWOT analysis template PowerPoint is ideal for businesses to grow more in the market, identify their problems, and figure out the solution to seize the best opportunity for risk management. The use of SWOT Analysis Animation 03 PowerPoint Template can give the business problem a quick solution. The infographics, fonts, icons, texts, animations, and colors are customizable. Furthermore, it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.