Product Description:

The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is an excellent tool for presenting the analysis’s findings, and you can use them during the study. Through the SWOT matrix, executives can work together while simultaneously changing the SWOT template according to their company’s needs. 

The icons in this template show the internal environment view while analyzing Opportunities and Threats and considering the Strengths and Weaknesses of an Organization. The SWOT analysis template PowerPoint provides a structured framework for examining the internal organizational culture and its external business environment.

This is in a color scheme of blue and white. The template has a sample text header. The SWOT components are presented in a vertical format. The icons are placed in the center, and their descriptions alternate between two positions – above and below the icon. The strengths and threats are at the bottom, and the weaknesses and opportunities are at the top. This template allows the description to be detailed and concise without getting overlapped by the other components of SWOT. 

The template is prepared for professional use that attracts the viewers’ attention. You can combine this one-slide template with other presentations. You can use this template in an academic setting or business meetings for freshers’ orientation and to identify and evaluate the overall business. 

You can even customize all the elements of this template to make it look more uniform to the company’s aesthetics. The template is compatible with MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. SlideUpLift also offers various professional PowerPoint themes from which you can choose.