Bradley Curve PowerPoint Templates

Make use of SlideUpLift’s Bradley Curve PowerPoint templates to showcase the connection between occupational safety and maturity of company’s culture. Bradley curve infographics are mostly adopted by the automotive and construction industries. These slides can be used by these organizations in presentations about safety enhancements and training purposes. The Bradley Curve’s basic theory is that most workplace accidents are brought on by, or at the very least cannot be prevented by, human conduct. The Bradley Curve Model offers a means of assessing your safety culture and identifies potential areas for improvement. It depicts four stages of safety culture:

  • Reactive: When random accidents are not taken seriously
  • Dependent: Individuals adhere to safety regulations as laws
  • Independent: Individuals consider safety as a personal responsibility
  • Interdependent: A team takes and is accountable for the safety culture collectively

The Bradley curve ppt templates are 100% editable and compatible with Google Slides as well. Browse through our collection of free Google Slides Templates to help build stunning presentations.