Cone of Uncertainty Templates

The Cone of Uncertainty is a term defined as a phenomenon by which project unknowns decrease over time. It is used by Project managers and the Marketing team to show the possible outcomes. It is a course of possibilities for a business plan or strategy. The main purpose is to reduce the number of unknown factors by anticipating unpredictable events. That is why to help you present this data in an organized and professional manner we offer a Cone of Uncertainty Templates. Cone of Uncertainty slide has a design of a cone or funnels aligned horizontally. The Cone of Uncertainty Powerpoint templates will help you to make a brilliant presentation showing the uncertainty of a Business plan eventually approaching zero. The template makes it very easy for the audience to understand the data presented.  The Cone of Uncertainty template Ppt is 100% editable and customizable as per your convenience. Also, they are compatible with Powerpoint and Google Slides. The graphics used in these templates are engaging and the colors used are very catchy. Also, you can use our google slides for free for your reference.