waterfall methodology powerpoint templates & slides

The waterfall methodology is a sequential, single-direction project management process. The waterfall process is named because each phase of the project cascades into the next, following down like a waterfall. The waterfall process has five to seven phases that follow in linear order, where the next phase can’t begin until the previous phase has been completed.  The names of the phases are requirements, design, implementation, verification, and maintenance. The waterfall project management methodology is beneficial when applying a sequential approach to your project plan. With a waterfall model, You can build and track every phase of the SDLC process sequentially —from research and discovery to testing and deployment.  With the waterfall model, project tasks are out in cascading intervals, so work gets done one step at a time. The waterfall methodology depicts the software development process in a linear sequential flow. The waterfall process model is perfect to showcase the different stages of project development with the exact strategy or work model from start to end. We also have a vast collection of slides themes for your all presentation needs.