DACI Templates

The DACI decision-making framework is designed to improve a team’s effectiveness on projects. You can assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members to avoid the blame game. In the group decisions, you will easily find out who is working on what part of using these templates. DACI model stands for Driver, Approver, Contributors, and Informed. It is the visual representation of the functional role played by team members on a project. Decision-making is a crucial part of a new product forward and this is essential throughout the product development process. It can be a better framework for product managers. It is the best framework for making quick and effective decisions during any project. Download these pre-designed PowerPoint templates to improve decision-making by assigning clearer responsibilities. Browse through our extensive collection of Decision-making templates and free Google Slides templates to build stunning presentations. Know more about the 4 decision- making frameworks that will change the way you make decisions.