OGSM model is most commonly used to map out the business, team, or personal goals and turn ideas into concrete actions. OGSM is an acronym of objectives, goals, strategies, and measures. It is a strategic way of defining what you want to achieve and how you will get there. The OGSM Strategy model helps you divide business vision into broad objectives, measurable goals, strategies to guide your actions, and measures to monitor the progress. Using the OGSM strategy framework, you can highlight the strategic priorities, capture market opportunities, optimize business resources, and enhance work speed and execution. The OGSM Strategy model helps to guide businesses from the planning to the implementation phase of the business strategy development process. Use these pre-designed OGSM Model PowerPoint templates to showcase your organization’s objective and goals with the key strategies and initiatives that make a difference towards achieving your targets. Download ppt template to showcase your business plan in the next presentation.