Ace Your Remote Presentations With The Best Business PowerPoint Templates 2022

February 18, 2021| slideuplift
Ace Your Remote Presentations With The Best Business PowerPoint Templates 2022

Standing apart from the crowd is important, more so in the case of a business presentation. As an audience, you would always appreciate original and unique content as well as ways of presenting. Using the same stock PowerPoint templates with overused designs, verbose slides, and unappealing visuals don’t really help in standing out and communicating your content in a differentiated manner.

Today, in this era of remote working, using attractive visuals and proper formatting is more important than ever before. In a remote environment, the audience can’t see you, which literally puts your slides at the center of the action.

You need to be on your A-game on slides. Use attractive and professional designs, keep the text to a minimum and follow a consistent theme. But doing all of this can be time-consuming.

To help you out, we have put together the recommended list of Business PowerPoint Templates for 2021 as you face the new year unfolding and a set of new business realities. Many of these business powerpoint templates are designed to be a whole set of several aesthetically designed slides, telling a story – covering many aspects of the business topic at hand.

Project Management Templates:

This collection of Project Management Templates will give you everything that you need to showcase your project planning. The ready-to-use presentation decks will help you make Project Kickoff, Project Closure, Project Review, and project planning presentations without wasting hours on end.

This collection of business powerpoint templates also includes Project Timeline templates, Project Charter, Gantt Charts, Project Team, Project Status, Project Budget, and much more. These templates and decks are powered by robust principles of vision science and storytelling techniques and are specially designed to help project managers make engaging and powerful presentations.
Project Management Templates

View Project Management Templates

Business Review Templates:

Business reviews are vital to keeping your business on track. They help articulate business outcomes define what’s working what’s not and what needs to be improved referencing the internal and external ground realities.

This collection of business review templates will help you showcase your monthly, quarterly, and yearly business reviews with ease. Choose a template, add content and you should be ready to ace your next business review.

Business Review Templates

View Business Review Templates 

Business Case Templates:

A business case acts as a bridge between a problem and its effective solution. If there are problems in your organization that you want to solve and are looking for an effective way to showcase your solution and get your point across, then there is nothing better than a business case template.

Business case presentations usually use examples and success stories to explain why a certain solution may as-well work in your scenario. These templates will help you map your problem, the solution that you want to suggest, and its financial impact.

Business Case Templates 

View Business Case Templates 

Pitch Decks:

Pitch decks are ready-to-use presentations that are used to pitch startups, projects, products, and ideas to potential investors or other stakeholders. SlideUpLift Pitch deck templates cover many dimensions of how to convince the audience and lean them towards investing in your ideas. As such,  they are extremely helpful for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and small business owners to ensure they are not missing any key area of concern for the audience.

Pitches are difficult to master. They need to be quick and concise yet informative and engaging. For this very reason, we suggest budding entrepreneurs and business owners use these Pitch Decks that contain everything they need to make a successful pitch.

Pitch Decks Templates

View Pitch Decks Templates 

Business Planning Templates:

Plans bridge the gap between the current and the future. And to stay on top of your organizational plans, you need to continually assess them and find out whether they’re giving you the wanted results.

Whether it’s about communicating your plans to your team members or improving them to produce better results, these business planning templates will be a great addition to your arsenal.

Business Planning Templates

View Business Planning Templates 

Business Strategy Templates:

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a plan and a strategy? A plan describes ‘What’ but a strategy talks about the ‘how’. Strategies are more action-based and define the best way to achieve something.

For a strategy to be implemented, it needs to be communicated in a way that is effective and easy to understand. To effectively map and communicate your long-term and short-term strategies, please browse our template library.  These templates ate designed to help you define where your organization needs to go, how to reach there, and how to plan for contingencies.

Business Strategy Templates

View Business Strategy Templates 

Team Building Templates:

Collaboration and coordination are vital for achieving organizational objectives. Without these, nobody can get anything done. To achieve high collaboration and coordination, people need to work in teams and groups, share information. This gets especially hard when many of the team members are working remotely-a new normal that is starting to take shape.

So how do you achieve better teamwork in the new normal? To help you with this, we have put together some amazing business powerpoint templates for team-building.

Team Building Templates 

View Team Building Templates 

Marketing Management Templates:

We are all aware of the importance of marketing in playing such a vital role in the growth of your business.

As a marketing manager, you will be required to make a lot of presentations- sometimes trying to better understand your customer journeys, map out their needs and wants, planning campaigns, etc. This collection especially caters to marketing managers and includes business powerpoint templates like – Company Value Proposition, Target Market, Customer journeys, Target Customer, Marketing Strategy, competitor analysis, positioning, and much more.

Marketing Strategy Templates 

View Marketing Strategy Templates 

Finance Management Templates:

As someone in charge of Finance, you are continuously assessing cash inflows and outflows, ratios, quarterly spending, preparing for the next investor presentation, etc.

You are worried about indicators of growth and communicating any concerns that you see. To help you in your tremendously critical activities and deliverables, we have curated this collection of Finance Management Templates.

 Finance Templates

View Finance Templates 

Now you don’t have to scour the web to find out the right templates. Download our PowerPoint Templates from within PowerPoint. See how?

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