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Ideas To Create And Deliver Outstanding Business Presentations

You must have made a presentation or done some type of public speaking at some time in your life. If you haven’t already, it could be anytime now

Great presenters are not born- they are made with practice and preparations. It makes no difference whether you have a gift of the gab or consider yourself an introvert when it comes to presenting as long as you are able to communicate your message or accomplish your objective and get the audience interested in what you have to say.

And although each presentation has small nuances, there are a few general criteria or actions that make it successful.

This article will walk you through these universal considerations processes of building a fantastic business presentation and making it stand out!

Before we go into the specifics, let’s level set on defining a business presentation and why it’s vital to produce one!

Ready? Let’s get started!

What is a Business Presentation?

A presentation is essentially an introduction, demonstration, or speech presented to an audience by a person or group of people to enlighten, inspire, persuade, or encourage them.

A business presentation is, therefore, a formal discourse on business goods, services, ideas, concepts or processes. It is often carried out with the use of audio-visual resources such as projectors, papers, presentation software, whiteboards, charts, and so on.

Business presentations are often given with the goal of educating the audience, selling a product or an idea to them, keeping them updated on progress amid a variety of different situations that can arise in the business context.

Now that you know what a business presentation is, let us assist you in understanding why you should make one!

Importance of Creating an Impactful Business Presentation

When someone goes through a presentation, they are investing time and expect to learn something and be able to spend that time meaningfully. That is why you must have a well-crafted, aesthetically appealing, and compelling presentation. It sends a message of your respect for audience’s time.

A successful business presentation yields several payoffs, including:

1. Build connections

A business presentation is all about communication, connection, and engagement with your audience. It enables you to create a positive impression and brand recognition. This not only helps you express messages and persuade your audience, but it also helps you make relationships and build stronger connections.

2. Delivers information

An excellent presentation is both educational and eye-opening. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share information, facts, humor, and statistics-backed data. It conveys information to the listener in an interesting manner, resulting in a more informed and educated individual.

3. Gives Inspiration

A strong business presentation can have considerably more of an influence on a person than you might imagine. Because most business presentations include audio-visual assets, stories or experiences, handouts/pamphlets, or demonstrations, they tend to stick in the minds of the audience. It keeps people engaged, inspires them, and influences their decisions.

Business presentations are clearly an efficient approach to conveying your message and establishing your brand. They are unquestionably rewarding and beneficial to your business.

With all this said, let’s get right into ideas for developing a great business presentation!

9 Super Easy Ideas To Create an Effective Business Presentation

Here are ideas you must have in your armor to create a power-packed business presentation :

1. Always start with an outline

Making a strategy for what you want to achieve and how you want to do it is the first step in developing a great business presentation. It is always a good idea to identify a goal that you want to achieve through your presentation and then construct a plan to get there.

A business presentation strategy outlines your presentation and decides what message you want to express as well as the important points and justifications you want to include.

Divide your presentation into three sections: introduction, main section, and conclusion, with sub-points inside each segment. This allows you to effortlessly divide your information into edible chunks.

Your presentation will get successful without a hitch if you have a strategy in place!

2. Budget adequate time for creating your presentation slides

It is easy to underestimate the time it takes to build well thought through and logically consistent slides. Logical consistency and argumentation is the most crucial element in every business presentation, which is why you should spend some time on them.

The logical aspect of your slides should support your overall presentation logic while illuminating the slide-specific argument with facts, solid reasoning, and data.

3. Tell a story to establish credibility

It is critical to establish your credibility right away when beginning a presentation since people are more inclined to listen to you if they are convinced of your truthfulness.

No, this does not imply that you ramble on about your professional accomplishments; rather, you begin your business presentation with an engaging anecdote. This might be anything related to your topic’s history, an experience, a relatable narrative, an anecdote, or any other reference that supports and enhances your subject.

Here’s where you can use a little humor to make them laugh and put them at ease by creating a pleasant tone.

This will assist you in engaging with the audience, establishing a personal connection, and providing a great start for what you have to say.

4. Backup your claims

You may have started on a great note with a tale or an anecdote, but if you truly want to project a genuine picture, you must back up all of your statements during your presentation.

So, don’t be afraid to use a lot of supporting resources. This implies you present facts and figures, cite studies, or provide evidence to back up your arguments. This will help to establish your trustworthiness and honesty.

5. Leverage the powers of visual elements

If your slides only include text, figures, and tables, your business presentation may become boring. That is why you must include PowerPoint graphics such as pictures, charts, graphics, GIFs, and others.

Strong quotations, rich graphics, and impactful videos will stay with your viewers and help keep their attention throughout. Not to mention that it improves the visual appeal of your presentation!

Other tips: Select a professional-looking slide deck template that corresponds to the tone of your presentation. Choose colors that complement your brand’s or product’s hues, and avoid using too many gimmicky colors. Also, choose a font style and size that complements your brand or company.

Be careful to choose your presentation slide decks based on the subject, such as utilizing professional or balanced slide decks for financial data or research themes and vibrant slide decks for informal topics.

6. Don’t forget to add animations

Obviously, your design and content are more important, and if they are the cake, then adding some animation or cinematic flair to your slides is the icing on the cake. It just improves the charm of your presentation!

Include exciting Animated PowerPoint Templates and seamless transitions, move your slides horizontally or vertically, and make your content appear artistic on the screen. This will make it easier for you to share your narrative.

Just be careful not to overdo the animation and establish a balance while retaining consistency throughout. Animations must only be used to add specific emphasis were absolutely needed.

7. Prepare yourself for the audience’s questions

No presentation is ever complete without a series of question-and-answer sessions at the closing, so prompt your audience and be prepared for any challenging questions that may be asked.

It is your responsibility to both egg the audience to ask questions and then anticipate any conceivable questions or concerns that they may have. You must evaluate all possible objections and arguments that may occur during the conversation and prepare responses for them.

You can even have a coworker listen to your responses in a practice session to evaluate how those sound. 

8. Prepare Questions for the audience

Your audience loves interacting as most humans do. By asking them questions, you can increase engagement levels multifold. Ask them open-ended questions, quiz them, request votes, have them participate in interactive activities, and you will see their interest levels shoot through the roof.

9. Conclude with a strong closing statement

When all of the questions have been answered and all of the conversations have concluded, you must provide a brief closing remark in your presentation. Make a concise closing statement that covers your core message, essential points, and last call to action.

That’s it for tips and ideas. From what SlideUpLift users tell us, following these steps will result in a great business presentation for your audience! 

Best Business Presentation Templates That Will Wow Your Audience

Our templates pre-bake many of the ideas mentioned in this blog. Use these presentation templates to maximize your impact in your next presentation. SlideUplift has a vast variety of PowerPoint and Google Slides Templates.

30 60 90 Day Plan Zoom Animation

30 60 90 Day Plan Zoom Animation

Source: 30 60 90 Day Plan Zoom Animation by SlideUpLift

Domino Effect PowerPoint Template

Domino Effect PowerPoint Template

Source: Domino Effect PowerPoint Template by SlideUpLift

Spiral PowerPoint Template

Spiral PowerPoint Template

Source: Spiral Ribbon Template by SlideUpLift

Professional PowerPoint Templates

Professional PowerPoint Templates

Source: Professional PowerPoint Templates by SlideUpLift

Wrapping It Up

As a presenter, you have a unique opportunity to not only create an impact on your audience but also build your personal brand and equity. You must make the most of this opportunity and leave no stone unturned to deliver a great and memorable presentation. 

We hope that the steps and suggestions we’ve offered will assist you in presenting well and with authority in front of your audience.

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