How To Make A Filmstrip Effect In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

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How To Make A Filmstrip Effect In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

Learn how to make a cool filmstrip effect. A PowerPoint Timeline Template need not be boring. This tutorial explains step-by-step instructions to create a cool Filmstrip timeline template in minutes. An excellent presentation is one that conveys your idea thoroughly and, at the same time, engages the audience visually. Timelines are often a part of business presentations, and most timelines presented in a business presentation are a boring list of events in a sequence. These timelines can be shown in a better and more engaging format using filmstrips.

Filmstrips convey the information in a storytelling format, which is more likely to be retained by the audience for a long. The filmstrip effect can be used in various business presentations to showcase timelines, stages, processes, and a sequence of events over time. Filmstrip timelines act as a visual hook to hold the photos and stories together. Since visuals convey the idea better than words, the message gets retained by the audience.

Here is an example of a creative pre-designed Filmstrip Template:

Filmstrip PowerPoint Template

Filmstrip PowerPoint Template

View Filmstrip Roadmap powerPoint

Steps to make Filmstrip in PowerPoint:

  • Step 1 – Insert Rectangle shape and elongate
  • Step 2 – Insert another rectangle/square shape and position it inside the previous shape
  • Step 3 – Resize the newly added shape to make the borders of the filmstrip
  • Step 4 – Duplicate the small rectangles to make multiple copies  – CTRL+D
  • Step 5 – Select the small rectangles and align them in a line
  • Step 6 – Now Select all the shapes > Arrange > Align > Distribute Horizontally
  • Step 7 – Copy the small rectangles series, duplicate it to position it on the other side of the film strip.
  • Step 8 – Select both the series, Shape Format > Merge shapes > Combine
  • Step 9 – Fill color in the strip as per your choice. Shape Format > Shape Fill
  • Step 10 – Now insert images or rectangle shapes as per your choice inside the strip in a sequence.


Watch this video tutorial to get a detailed idea:

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