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How To Add Background Music In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

Adding background music enhances your presentations. It makes it easy for the audience to understand the content backed by background music and sets the tone for the presentation. This blog will teach you how to add background music to your presentations.

You can make your PowerPoint presentation more attractive, engaging, and unique just by using the built-in features of Microsoft PowerPoint. Adding PowerPoint animations, slide transitions, and infographics, and using PowerPoint themes help in making the overall presentation visually appealing. 

In addition to that, adding the right background music in PowerPoint is effective in setting the tone of the presentation and can take the entire presentation to another level. This also helps in retaining the audience’s attention and making the presentation more memorable

How To Add Background Music In PowerPoint?

Adding a PowerPoint background music is pretty easy. Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add and play music to a single slide as well as to the entire presentation. You can add audio to PowerPoint to all or some of the slides. This tutorial guides you on how to add music to PowerPoint from computer audio. 

  • Step 1 – Go to the Insert Tab
  • Step 2 – Select Audio > Audio on my PC
  • Step 3 – Navigate to the audio file on your PC. Select the file > Insert
  • Step 4 – Select – Play in the background option
  • Step 5 – Save the file
Shows how to add background music in powerpoint presentations


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Our PowerPoint tutorial series focuses on basic PowerPoint hacks that can help you better your PowerPoint skills and deliver effective presentations with ease. 

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