How To Make A Roadmap Presentation To Showcase Business Planning

Unlock the secrets to creating captivating roadmap presentations for your business. Explore a wide range of roadmap templates tailored to suit your specific needs. Learn how to showcase your past, present, and future journeys confidently, drive business growth, navigate transformations, and outline career and project roadmaps. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a roadmap presentation pro!

How To Make A Roadmap Presentation To Showcase Business Planning
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Last Modified :  July 4, 2023

2023 is nearing, and it is time to think about how you will make the best of it. No matter what 2022 brought you, planning, an aspect so inherent and innate to business is the only thing that will help you out of a rut or sustain the growth you are enjoying right now.

This year, although difficult, has given us so many things to think about. It made us examine our existing business practices while laying bare all the misconceptions and problems affecting us. Hence, it is about time that we do the needful and plan for the next year by learning from what we faced in these past months. As you are working on your 2023 business roadmap presentation, it is essential to effectively showcase your goals, objectives, and milestones to get your senior management or customers’ approval. These roadmap presentation ideas precisely serve that purpose.

What are the Roadmap Templates?

Roadmaps are great for strategic planning and help everyone in the organization be on the same page by evoking a sense of direction. The roadmap helps you integrate everyone’s efforts to achieve a common goal by clearly defining everyone’s role in achieving the said goal.

We will see several roadmap powerpoint templates that could be used to build a winning presentation. There is nothing better than a good roadmap presentation slide to convince the audience of your strategic plan.

You can use roadmaps for various strategic presentations. Here are a few creative roadmap presentation examples for you to use in a variety of situations.

  1. Long-term Planning Presentation

    This template will help you map your short, medium, and long-term plans in a single slide. Thus, giving your audience a complete picture of your growth plans.

    Business Planning Template

    Roadmap PowerPoint templates are excellent for giving short and long-term perspectives of your strategy. You can also add a brief description for each goal, and you can also edit the colors as per your brand. You can showcase different types of goals in one single slide.

  2. Strategy Roadmap Presentation

    This strategy roadmap is a great choice for your strategy and annual planning presentation. This roadmap slide is apt for those who want to highlight overall goals and initiatives while throwing some light on its vision/mission.

    Strategy Roadmap Presentation

    You can use such a roadmap for workshops, business pitches, induction events, and seminars, and it will surely fetch you some curious and engaged eyes. This is a great template to give a detailed overview of your goals.

  3. Milestones Roadmap Presentation

    Use this roadmap powerpoint presentation to describe the major milestones of your business plan effectively. You can also give additional information by adding some bullet points below each milestone.

    Milestone Roadmap Template

    This template is very useful for Project managers to showcase project planning such as the different phases of their project development lifecycle process along with the timeline and milestones. It can also be used to showcase the timeline of your major milestones.

  4. Product Planning Roadmap Presentation

    This product roadmap template will help you outline the vision of your product. You can showcase your product’s evolution, and describe the factors that influence your product development and growth.

    Product Roadmap Template

    Product Managers will derive high value from this template. This is a perfect product roadmap describing the factors as well as the generations of the product in one single slide. The effective use of PowerPoint shapes, colors, and icons makes it the best product roadmap presentation.

  5. Past Present Future Roadmap Presentation

    Use this presentation roadmap to highlight the contrast between the past, present, and future. You can mention key monthly highlights to showcase your action plan.

    Past Present Future Roadmap Presentation

    This is the best roadmap presentation for building context and giving your audience an idea of how the company or project performed in the past and how it plans to achieve plans, goals, and objectives. You can showcase your growth over the months or years.

  6. Business Growth Plan Presentation

    Use this business growth roadmap to map the growth of your product/company. You can assign growth drivers to each stage and explain their importance in deriving growth for the company/product.

    Growth Curve Template

    This growth roadmap can help you showcase all the growth drivers in one single template effectively. This is a fully editable PowerPoint template, you can edit the icons and colors also. You can also showcase important milestones along the timeline.

  7. Product Roadmap Presentation

    This is a great product roadmap presentation that will help you throw some light on the significant product milestones. You can map various characteristics of your product or product development on a month-by-month basis.

    Product Roadmap Template

    This product roadmap presentation enables you to showcase the planned product development activities over a period of time. You can showcase a lot of information about your product development process in this slide template in an effective way.

  8. Business Transformation Presentation

    Use Sun Ray’s roadmap PowerPoint template that you can use to showcase your current and future state’s transition. You can set four categories and explain their transformation over a period of time.

    Sun Ray PPT Template

    This slide will cover all your forecasting needs wherein you will easily explain changes in business approach, market conditions, and much more as you grow. You can showcase your growth over the months or years. You can categorize different factors and drivers.

  9. Career Roadmap Presentation

    This visually engaging career roadmap is excellent for outlining the career growth of a particular position in a company. Whether you are giving a presentation to newly-hired candidates or explaining the career progression in your human resource presentation, this template will come in handy.

    Employee Growth Template

    Professionals can also use this slide to showcase their personal growth in a particular job or field in interviews or client meetings.

  10. Project Roadmap Presentation

    Project Roadmap showcases your high-level milestones and their estimated timelines. It is a great snapshot of how the project will progress over time and could be a great template to bring all the stakeholders together on a common vision for the project.

    Project Roadmap Presentation

    The above project roadmap presentation provides a birds-eye view of key milestones of the project. Project management templates provide a structured approach for organizing, planning, and executing projects. It helps in showing the big picture for the team members on the project.

  11. Technology Roadmap Presentation

    The technology roadmap showcases strategic planning related to the company’s technology needs and strategy.

    Technology Roadmap Template


Roadmaps are all about planning and goal setting. They will help you immensely in your plan-making endeavors. You can showcase your current status, future plans, and other personal goals you want to achieve over a defined period with these roadmap presentation ideas.

Visual representation of your roadmap ideas can help align your audience with your goals and objectives far more effectively than textual bullet points. Browse our broad collection of Roadmap PowerPoint Templates to build winning strategy presentations.

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