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How To Add Pictures To PowerPoint Using Stock Images | PowerPoint Tutorial

This PowerPoint tutorial is a quick guide on how to add PowerPoint Images for Free to your presentation using PowerPoint’s new feature – a collection of stock images.

Microsoft PowerPoint has a variety of cool options that even a lot of advanced PowerPoint users don’t know. One such feature is PowerPoint’s stock images. This could save a ton of your money if you are looking for professional images for your presentation purposes. 

Slides with a lot of text require some visual enhancement to keep the audience engaged. Even a well-drafted, informative piece of content might not be enough to entice the audience. 

Pictures can add meaning and a visual appeal to the overall presentation. PowerPoint Images can transform dull-looking slides into engaging ones and make the slides more noticeable and meaningful.

Also, sometimes a concept or an idea cannot be explained entirely in words. But with the use of relevant PowerPoint images, the message comes to life. 

PowerPoint has a wide collection of high-quality stock images and other useful graphic options that can be inserted easily in a few steps. 

Step 1 – Insert Image

Insert > Stock images 

(Under the same menu, there are three more categories -Icons, People cutout, and stickers

You can insert them as well by following the same steps.) 

Step 2 – Add the image

 Choose from the wide variety of image options and select insert. 

You can also search from the top by typing a keyword related to what you are looking for. 

(Watch the video tutorial below)

Step 3 – Adjust the image

You can use the image as a background or give context to your presentation slides. Drag the corners to resize the image. 

Step 4 – Save the file 

(Note – This PowerPoint feature is available to Microsoft 365 subscribers only.)

Watch this stepwise PowerPoint Tutorial and get a detailed idea – 

You can check out the creatively designed morphing slides to create an engaging presentation. Also, learn how to create catchy shapes in powerpoint with morph images.

Employee Values PowerPoint Template

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Employee Values Template

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Source: Company Values Template by SlideUpLift

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