Product Description:

10 Steps Roadmap PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

10 Steps Roadmap PowerPoint Template is a strategic tool that helps individuals and businesses in the visual representation of a plan or a project timeline in a concise and structured format. 

This spiral horizontal template uses 10 steps to depict your project stages. It has visually appealing colors like blue, green, and yellow, making it look more interesting and engaging.

A Curved Arrow Roadmap diagram is used in this template which is further divided into ten sub-parts or steps, each having a number icon. 

Each of these parts has text boxes where you can add the particular steps or the stages of your project or plan. Adjacent to these stages, you get description boxes, where you can add the details of the particular stage. 

User-friendliness and flexibility are the plus points of this template. You can customize images, fonts, colors, and icons as per your needs and preferences.

This PowerPoint roadmap template is very useful for professionals like project managers for showcasing the project stages, marketing managers for building marketing campaign timelines, and team leaders for mapping out team goals and objectives. 

In a nutshell, this template can be used by any professional who wants to present a structured plan, project, or timeline. For more such unique and effective designs be sure to check out our hand-picked collection of Google Slides Templates.