Product Description:

The 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan PowerPoint Template is a well-crafted template to assist you in showcasing your sales objectives and strategies across a three-month period. Each slide within this collection is tailored for a 30-day segment of the plan. The initial slide concentrates on targets for the month, such as familiarizing yourself with the company’s offerings and understanding competitors’ products. For the next 30 days, the second slide enables you to outline performance objectives like achieving training benchmarks. The third slide allows one to outline goals, such as engaging with team members.

This 30/60/90 plan template features a straight design highlighted by prominent arrows connecting each 30 days. These arrows serve to illustrate the progression from one stage to the next. Soft colors of gray and blue are employed in the template, along with graphical elements like a bar graph. Other visual elements are a wrench and a lightbulb, symbolizing learning tools and innovative ideas you may generate.

This template is ideal for individuals in sales roles and managers. It can also be used by trainers seeking to delineate precise goals and steps for their initial three months in a new sales position or project. Customizable text allows you to tailor the content of these professional presentations according to your requirements. You can also utilize these slides in PowerPoint and Google Slides, which allow you to create presentations wherever you desire.

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