Product Description:

Agenda PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 21

The key objective of a PowerPoint presentation is to deliver the information visually, focusing the audience’s attention and making it easy to understand the meeting agenda. And what better way to do that than our Agenda PowerPoint Template 21?

At the top of the slide, “AGENDA” is written in bold letters. Below that, the content of the slide is divided into four sections. Each section has three components—the numbering, the icon, and the description. Three icons are shades of gray, and one is orange. The icon is positioned in the middle of the numbering and the description, with the numbering and description alternating places.

The unique placement style of the presentation agenda template makes it fun to look at and entertains viewers. The template is 100% customizable and can be tailored to your needs. With its editable features, you can personalize the icons, fonts, and backgrounds to suit your agenda. You can use this professional slides template when using both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

The “Agenda PowerPoint Template 21” benefits project managers, team leaders, and business professionals who need to outline a series of events or topics in a way that is easy for all participants to understand.