Product Description:

The animated executive summary PowerPoint template is a well-laid-out and defined presentation template that easily categorizes a summary’s different aspects. The template uses icons and animations to improve the visuals.

This template features a plain white backdrop, which allows the orange accents to grab the user’s attention toward the content. There are five text boxes, which you can use to input five distinct aspects of the summary, each accompanied by a title space and a corresponding icon. The peek-in animation style is used to uplift the quality of the presentation and retain the audience’s attention. 

In business settings, you can use this PowerPoint template to provide an overall content summary, which can be headed under five main aspects. You can even edit the elements of this template to match your requirements and edit to match the brand’s identity. The template can be used in PowerPoint and Google Slides for added collaboration. 

SlideUpLift offers an abundance of PowerPoint executive summary templates for professional use that are fully editable and ready to use.