Product Description:

Business Roadmap PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

This colorful template helps you effectively visualize and communicate your business plans, strategies, or project phases in a horizontal format. In this template, you find an editable title box at the top, followed by five arched rectangular elements arranged in a chain sequence from left to right.

Each of these elements is equipped with unique icons, making it look more engaging. Editable title and description boxes are provided alongside these elements, each numbered sequentially. The contrasting colors,  unique icons, and simple design give this template a premium and modern look.

It is a 100% customizable template; you can edit the fonts, images, icons, and backgrounds as per your presentation needs. Additionally, It is compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. This template is very beneficial for business professionals such as entrepreneurs or executives and also product/project managers can use it to showcase their product/ project stages in a horizontal roadmap format. For more such effective and unique designs, be sure to check out roadmap PowerPoint templates.