Product Description:

The 30 60 90 Day Plan Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates offers a selection of crafted designs to help you map out your objectives and tactics for the initial three months in your role. There are a variety of templates with styles tailored to the specific structure of a 30 60 90 day plan. The color palette features shades of blue, giving the slides a formal yet inviting appearance. Each template includes sections for goals, key actions and success metrics.

The defined layout of these templates helps you in establishing goals for the various timeframes. The first 30 days are considered the learning phase. The next time period of 30 days is also known as the contribution phase. The final 30 days are known as the leadership phase. The templates come equipped with elements like checklists, timelines and progress monitoring tools. These resources enable you to outline what you aim to learn, tasks you intend to accomplish, and anticipated results. 

These templates are ideal for new employees, team leaders starting out new roles, or professionals in general. Customizing these templates to suit your requirements is simple, as all elements, including text, color, and fonts, are customizable. The templates work seamlessly with PowerPoint and Google Slides for your ease. Utilizing these 30 60 90 plan templates is easy. Begin by inputting your goals into the designated sections for every 30 day timeframe. Next, outline the steps you will implement to reach these goals, along with relevant metrics. You may also indicate any assistance required from your team or management. Ensure each point is presented clearly and efficiently for efficient communication. SlideUpLift also offers professional PowerPoint templates free download!