Product Description:

The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template 28 is a straightforward and helpful evaluation model. In addition to analyzing strengths and weaknesses, a SWOT diagram considers various internal and external aspects. Due to the mix of evaluation metrics, a SWOT analysis template is constructive for obtaining a comprehensive overview of a company, service, brand, or new project early in the project life cycle. 

The layout of SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template 28 is such that there is a light bulb at the center of the slide with icons in it, which symbolizes the SWOT components. The outside of the light bulb has a circle with different colors that include the letters S-W-O-T. Each SWOT component has its description box on the adjacent side. The letter S is colored blue, and the word Strength is also written in blue in the description box. Similarly, the letter W is in Orange, O is in violet and T is in Pink. By simply replacing the placeholder information, this SWOT template enables the business to create a presentation in just a few minutes. 

The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template 28 can be used by business professionals, department heads, startups, and even students. They can easily edit this template according to their needs and present their SWOT Analysis. Non-profit organizations, business planners, and educators can also use this SWOT Analysis template. The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template is useful for assessing a business’s growth. It is ideal to be used when discovering the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a business can encounter. Similarly, project leaders and product development teams can use this template in their professional PowerPoint presentations to help the viewer better understand their SWOT analysis.

This template is 100% customizable according to the aesthetics of the company. It is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.