Product Description:

The Doodle Slides template introduces a fun and casual approach to your average business presentation by including various doodle elements. The doodle details surrounding the main content body add a sense of approachability to the presentation. This makes it more enjoyable for the audience to watch. Curves, strokes and other abstract forms are used all throughout the slideshow, allowing for a more casual and enjoyable presentation experience in a relaxed and comfortable tone.

The center of the screen is left tidy to convey all necessary information through the slides. Elements like images, graphs and texts can be used as per the user’s requirements and preferences. The slides themes of the template is white, while all supplementing elements and doodles are in shades of blue. Conveyance of information to the audience without distractions is ensured by maintaining a playful tone throughout the slideshow.

This template caters to educators, creatives, and business practitioners looking to express their message. Whether addressing students, colleagues or customers this template enables you to articulate your thoughts in a playful yet impactful manner. Customizing these cute PowerPoint templates is super easy allowing you to adjust the text, font, icons and colors according to your requirements. It works seamlessly with both PowerPoint and Google Slides for your convenience and flexibility.