Product Description:

The executive summary PowerPoint template is created to help present a concise and well-organized outline of your project or business proposal. This template conveniently divides the content into two sections, allowing you to compare aspects of your summary. 

On one side of the slide, there is a welcoming tan-colored header. This comes with space for additional information, while the other side features a sleek navy blue header with a similar text format. Both sections are structured with bullet points to help you deliver points. The template layout promotes a presentation that emphasizes crucial elements like objectives, accomplishments, or significant statistics. The distinctiveness between the two sections captures attention and facilitates seamless storytelling for the audience. 

This template can be used by professionals seeking to deliver summaries, project outlines, or side-by-side analyses in a corporate setting. You can adjust this template to suit your presentation’s requirements. It works well with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, offering flexibility and convenience.

SlideUpLift offers an abundance of free executive summary PowerPoint templates for professional use that are fully editable and ready to use.

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