Product Description:

List Templates Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides

A list refers to a set of important key points that an individual notes down in a structured and sequential format. These can be used to showcase the project highlights, strategies, goals, milestones, or important points to keep in mind. 

The List Templates Collection offers you a diverse range of 25+ effective and visually appealing templates. To make your presentation more engaging and impactful, each of these templates is equipped with unique icons and contrasting colors. 

There are a wide variety of templates, including the Goals template, Pros and Cons list template, Summary Point list template, and many more.

These templates are highly flexible. You can customize the icons, fonts, backgrounds, and text boxes as per your needs. Additionally, these are compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Professionals like Project managers, business executives, team leaders, and marketing/ sales managers can utilize the PowerPoint list template to effectively visualize and communicate their ideas.

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