Product Description:

Use this collection of 17 Customer Journey Templates to effectively visualize and analyze every aspect of your customer journey.

Customer Journey Template Collection

Understanding customers is a very important aspect of a business. Our Customer Journey PowerPoint templates offer invaluable assistance in effectively visualizing and analyzing the complex process of the customer journey. These professionally designed templates serve as a powerful tool to showcase every stage of your customer’s experience.

The customer journey consists of several distinct phases, each playing a critical role in shaping perceptions and driving customer behaviors. This is a collection of 15+ flexible and effective customer journey map template that can be easily customized as per your needs.You can customize fonts, icons, images and backgrounds according to your presentation needs.

Product development teams can use these templates to gain insights into customer points and identify areas of product improvement and innovation. Additionally these can be used by the Marketing and sales  professionals to identify the various touchpoints where customers interact with the business.

Each customer journey map template is compatible with both MS PowerPoint & Google Slides.