Product Description:

Project Timeline Templates Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides

Professionals use project timelines to highlight the project goals, objectives, milestones, and dependencies. Our collection of PowerPoint timeline templates offers you a diverse range of 15+ visually appealing and editable templates. You can utilize these to visualize and communicate your project phases/ stages effectively and easily. This collection offers various sets of time-based templates, including yearly, quarterly, and monthly options, allowing you to showcase your project details within a specific timeframe. Whether you want to showcase brief highlights or comprehensive details of your project, this collection is specialized to meet your needs. In this collection, you will find various types of templates, such as the “task-based template.” Here you can mention the particular task, add a description, and further its details or status. The templates come in a blue-theme Slide Design and are equipped with unique icons, giving a modern and sleek appearance. These are highly customizable; you can easily edit the icons, fonts, images and backgrounds according to your presentation needs. Additionally, these are compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides.