Product Description:

Quarterly Timeline Circular Template for MS PowerPoint & Google Slides

The Quarterly Timeline Circular PowerPoint Template is an amazing tool for presenting quarterly milestones or events in a circular format. The template has a circular timeline divided into four color-coded sections. Each of those sections represents a different quarter of the year. You can write down important details for each quarter in the spaces provided. A number of individuals can use this template. Whether you’re a student, a business owner, or just want to organize your plans, this template is perfect. It’s handy for businesses to present quarterly goals or success stories in meetings.

The purpose of the Quarterly Timeline Circular Slides Presentation is to represent a year’s plans divided into quarterly plans. The circular timeline presentations have an interesting design that helps viewers quickly understand the order of events over the year. This timeline slide is perfect for project updates, planning sessions, or quarterly business meetings. It can be used during quarterly planning sessions to map goals and objectives for the upcoming quarters. 

The timeline slide template is great for sharing updates with your team, clients, or classmates. It allows you to easily highlight important events or goals and keep everyone on the same page.