Product Description:

SWOT analysis is a planning process that helps your company overcome challenges and determine which new leads to pursue. The primary objective of a SWOT analysis is to help organizations develop a full awareness of all the factors involved in making a business decision. It is wise to perform a general SWOT analysis to check on the current landscape of your business and improve operations as needed.

The design of the SWOT Concentric Circles PowerPoint Template is such that the center of the slide consists of five concentric circles in gray that gradually lighten the further you get from the center. Each circle in this template focuses on a different S-W-O-T letter. The SWOT elements are presented clockwise, starting with strengths, followed by weaknesses, opportunities, and lastly threats. There is space for a header that can be used to give a brief introduction to the slide’s content. 

The SWOT Concentric Circles PowerPoint Template is useful for startup founders, financial analysts, team leaders, business analysts, investors, teachers, and students. It is used to analyze the chosen topic, along with its benefits, drawbacks, strategy creation, and risk management. The slide can be used in professional presentations during a meeting or public speaking as the elements are customizable, which can meet the needs of the company’s aesthetics. 

For the convenience of the users, this SWOT analysis template PPT is not only compatible with both PowerPoint but also Google Slides.