Product Description:

SWOT is an analytical framework that helps individuals and businesses reach the pinnacle of success by understanding the potential and shortcomings. This PowerPoint SWOT analysis slide template assists in a virtual representation of SWOT elements in a professional format. 

The format of this presentation template is presented in a grid format that is divided into four quadrants. The squares in the center of the page include icons related to the SWOT components. The grid leads to placeholders for the descriptions or data collected by SWOT analysis. Firstly, the study is focused on identifying the STRENGTHS. Second, it focuses on the WEAKNESSES. It addresses the THREATS. Lastly, looking for OPPORTUNITIES. The template is designed for the audience to understand more precisely the actions that will be taken after the presentation. 

This template for PowerPoint uses a Blue-Gray color theme, portraying professionalism. It also depicts comprehensible icons and a featureless background, which helps the audience to focus more on the analytics. It is easily editable and has 100% customizable infographics, which include icons, fonts, colors, images, and presentation backgrounds. It is easy to look up and download the template. This template is also compatible with both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

This Google Slide template can be used by project managers and team members to work efficiently. It provides information about the business’ growth. SWOT analysis helps the business to take immediate action based on the representation of the information in the template. Thus, it affects the decision-making of businesses in the dynamic market.