Product Description:

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 111

The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 111 helps professionals discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of their business or project. This SWOT analysis template Google Slides has a modern and elevated design. At the center of the slide, a graphic element with a circular flow creates a connection between the four factors. The circular flow shape is brought together by a 3D circular shape in the middle, titled SWOT, indicating the purpose of the slide. 

Towards each corner of the slide, you’ll find a circular shape with an icon in it representing each of the four factors. Each of these icons is labeled as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in bold, along with plenty of space for a short description of each factor. Each icon is colored a different shade of blue, which matches the corresponding quadrant. This aids the audience in differentiating between the different factors.

The graphic representation of the SWOT analysis helps simplify complex information. This makes it easier for the audience to focus on and remember each individual segment of the presentation. The template is quite useful to professionals when evaluating a brand or product’s market position. It can also be used as a teaching aid to explain SWOT analysis.

What makes this one of the best SWOT analysis templates is its compatibility with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint. It’s also entirely customizable, allowing you to edit the font, images, and color as per your requirements.