Product Description:

Value Stream Mapping Roadmap Presentation Template

The circular Value Stream Mapping Roadmap PowerPoint template helps professionals visually represent the key steps involved in the value stream mapping. This infographic helps you visualize and analyze the steps involved in delivering a product or a service to a customer.  

This template uses a circular shaped diagram, which is further divided into four interconnected arrows representing flow or process. Each of these four arrows of the circular diagram has sequential numberings. 

Adjacent to these arrows, you are provided with title and description boxes, where you can show the steps involved in VSM, and for each step, write a description.

To save you time and effort, the steps that are essential for value stream mapping are already specified in the template:

1) Define product family: mention your value stream objectives, product family, VSM charter, etc.

2) Document current state: the key points which you can mention here are: analyze and identify opportunities, Map current state value and quantify current state value stream performance.

3) Design future state: here, you can talk about developing future state value stream maps and prioritizing improvement projects.

4) Create an Implementation plan: develop a plan and show the details of the

The roadmap template PowerPoint is highly customizable and user-friendly, you can edit icons, fonts, texts, backgrounds, and images as per your presentation needs. Additionally, It is compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides.

This template can be used by Process improvement teams, Operations managers, supply chain managers, and project managers. For more such effective and compelling designs be sure to check out our curated collection of Google Slides Templates.