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What We Do
At SlideUpLift Services, we make custom slides suited for your specific requirements. When performing such services, we apply rigorous standards of quality and design principles to help you create impact with each slide.
Slides Made
Customer Satisfaction
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Save Time
Customers save 35%-65%
time on presentations.
Makes Your Ideas Shine
Layouts enhance meeting.
Graphics improve visuals.
Reduce Hassle
Send it. Forget it.
1M+ slides. 4.9/5 rating.
How It Works
How the SlideUpLift process works.

First Touchpoint
Get on a Teams call with us and provide a brief background what you need

Send us content: Hand written notes, emails, bullet points, any prior slidework

Early View
Receive the first draft based on agreed timelines

Provide feedback to ensure the work is in line with your expectations

Getting To The Finish Line
Receive updated draft. Suggest finer adjustments as needed

All Done
Receive final drat
Our Promise


We know time is of essence. Using libraries and automation, we do it fast


We carry a strong services mindset and continuously push our own boundaries with the sole focus on your satisfaction


Your material is 100% safe with us. All our services are backed by terms of agreement that includes confidentiality protection for your content


We save you tons of time you could use for higher value activities. With our reasonable costs, you will love working with us

How We Do It

Data Visualization Expertise

We eliminate clutter clouding your information and direct your audience's attention to the most important aspects of your data. We use important concepts like differentiating between ‘data ink’ and ‘non-data ink’, appealing to the left versus the right brain etc and tell stories to help your message resonate with your audience

Slide Design Expertise

Great slide work is part science, part art. Our designers carry expertise in both areas and pay attention to enormous amount of detail when creating slidework . This means your slides are high quality and consistent in the look and feel across the deck

Use Of Component Libraries

Over the years, we have developed our own IP in terms of graphic libraries, components and automation codes. This allows us to turn around the assignments quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, this translates into visual delight, speed, and lower costs for you on an overall basis

Client Service And Innovation Mindset

Our primary focus is to help your presentation look good. Our associates are hand picked for their skill sets in providing a delightful service. In addition, we continually upskill the team members in latest technologies and trends especially as the visualization techniques and technologies continue to evolve