7 Fun and Creative Ways To Promote Your Business This Thanksgiving

November 14, 2022| SlideUpLift SlideUpLift
7 Fun and Creative Ways To Promote Your Business This Thanksgiving

According to Bing Ads data, 39% of all holiday purchases fall in November, the month when Thanksgiving Day is celebrated all across the United States.‘Thank you!’  That’s the word that everyone wants to hear and see at any time of day.

Thanksgiving, a wonderful day, is almost approaching. As a result, marketers will soon be scurrying to boost sales and encourage folks to do some Christmas shopping. Of course, the emotional bond with the clients is important here, without invading their personal space and bombarding them with unwanted stuff.

This is the time when competition is at its peak, making it remarkably challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises to be recognized and make themselves prominent.

But don’t panic; we’ve compiled a list of the most successful and proven marketing strategies to help you get your company noticed this Thanksgiving!

1. Use The BOGO Technique

Who doesn’t love a great deal- especially so during the Thanksgiving holidays? BOGO (buy-one-get-one) is a marketing strategy in which one item is given away for free or at a discounted price in exchange for the purchase of another item at full price. After all, both merchants and consumers benefit. Instead of staging a half-price sale, Thanksgiving customers can stock up on freebies while you earn a larger profit.

The BOGO technique helps clear inventory quickly by offering consumers a discount they can’t refuse. But don’t rush into a BOGO Thanksgiving offer.

While it helps draw attention, if a product can sell multiple units at full price, a BOGO deal isn’t necessary to clear the shelves. That’s why it could be a smart idea to start these deals after you’ve determined how quickly your Thanksgiving goods are getting sold and you have had time to fully assess your inventory risks.

2. Conduct Thanksgiving Contests And Giveaways

You can design a challenge or arrange a contest to get people interested in your business. This can assist in raising your social media engagement and, in the long run, the number of customers.

You can select a product or service for the giveaway and promote it through email or social media platforms. Make it relevant for the occasion e.g. if you work in the food sector, provide a Thanksgiving meal for the whole family as a giveaway. You can select from popular giveaway types such as sample giveaways, Thanksgiving basket giveaways, and seasonal giveaways.

You may also have a caption competition or a video-sharing competition. Meanwhile, you can request that they leave their description in the comments section of the picture or video you uploaded on Instagram or Facebook. You can inspire individuals to be more creative in this manner, and they will be captivated by your product or service.

3. Host A Live Session or Webinar

A live session is an excellent way to engage your audience. One example of a live session is in which your staff prepares Thanksgiving meals. It can be a goofy, fun approach to engaging your audience. Get real-time ideas from your audience for new ingredients and recipes, and then donate away all the meals!

If you hosted it live, you’d get tons of praise, virtual claps, and great feedback! That would be even more incredible if your brand included a restaurant.

This Thanksgiving, use SlideUpLift’s webinar presentation templates to make a lasting impression on your audience. Browse the webinar-friendly templates to choose one that best meets your requirements and quickly customize it with your content and brand identity.

4. Create Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are usually your company’s initial point of online contact. Customers are more likely to subscribe to your services if your landing pages are user-friendly and carry robust calls to action. And it is advisable not to forget that buyers usually are actively looking for deals and discounts over the holiday season. The landing page design needs to take that into account. 

You can customize the theme of your landing page to fit the Thanksgiving holiday. A continual refresh of the web pages keeps the client aware of the company’s current offerings and bundles. You can update the pages with the most recent events and activities linked to your company.

5. Use Holiday Pop-ups

This is another tip for online commerce. The relevance of pop-ups cannot be overstated. You can perform the following with their assistance:

  • Increase the number of subscribers and convert web visitors into consumers.
  • Increase purchases by creating a feeling of urgency; Prevent cart abandonment;
  • Maintain contact with your customers by sending holiday wishes or compliments, for example.
  • Pop-up advertising that provides exclusive savings, discounts, early access to specials, and other incentives may entice customers to buy from you.

You can create eye-catching visuals and turn your visitors into purchasers by designing and integrating them into your website.

Get inspiration on such designs at SlideUpLift

6. Offer Month-Long Deals

November is a busy month for shoppers, as they have a lot to do and choose from in preparation for the festive holidays. So, you can get a head start on the competition by launching Thanksgiving marketing specials early in November and keeping them open until the end of the month.

In this situation, your customers will be grateful since they will not be rushed and will have more time to determine what to purchase for the holidays.

7. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an excellent way to get your goods and services accessible online on Thanksgiving. You can collect first-party data by using Facebook and Instagram Stories. It is the ideal platform for companies who want to share their brand’s journey with their audience. You should also utilize high-quality happy Thanksgiving cards and graphics to produce engaging Facebook and Instagram posts.

Use as a source of inspiration to create these visual stories.

Using polls is another way to get attention from your current or prospective users. When you build engaging, Thanksgiving-themed polls using Facebook and Instagram stories, users reward you with brand recognition, increasing their interaction with your business.

At SlideUplift you can find a variety of PowerPoint templates and Google slides templates for thanksgiving. Here are some new and creative thanksgiving card templates,

Thanksgiving Templates

Thanksgiving Templates

Source: Thanksgiving Templates by SlideUpLift

Wrapping It Up

The time from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday marks a sales frenzy that leads into the Christmas season. These are some of the busiest shopping days of the year in the world.

Symbols, cuisine, colors, and other seasonal themes dominate Thanksgiving advertisements. Given the importance of the Christmas season, you must carefully prepare your sales and promotional strategies. To be completely prepared, create a step-by-step strategy for executing your Thanksgiving marketing ideas in advance, be sure to arrange various sorts of discounts, and maximize your opportunity during this time.

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