Question and Answer Slide

Questions and answers are one of the main aspects of a Presentation, whether online or offline. A well presented and designed question and answer slide is very crucial for any business presentation. Questions and Answers can be beneficial for you if you want to ask any questions from your employees of a company or organization, make any presentation on any academic topic, ask questions to clarify the concepts, etc. Be it job interview questions and answers, HR interview questions and answers, or even general knowledge questions and answers, these all can be presented using our collection of Question and answer templates in Powerpoint. These Q & A templates are 100% customizable and multipurpose for PowerPoint presentations. The Question and answers templates are also compatible with Google slides. Every question and answer slide in these templates come with attractive and colorful infographics to prepare a superb presentation and attract your audience’s attention.

How do I create a question and answer in PowerPoint?

To create the Question and answer slides :

Step 1: Shortlist the content you want to post on your slides for your audience.

Step 2: Choose a layout you want your slides to appear in PowerPoint. E.g.:- Do you want all your questions and answers on the same slide, or do you want per question per slide. It all depends on the purpose of your discussion.

Step 3: To create a quiz type format question and answers:

  • Create a question slide with four options.
  • Next slide will have the text for choosing the right answer and a “Next question” button.
  • Third slide will have the text for choosing the wrong option and two buttons – “Try again” and “Next Question”.

Step 4:Hyperlinking the slides

  • To link the correct option to the Right Answer Slide:
    • Select the box of the correct answer and Go to the Insert tab.
    • Select Action. An Action Setting dialogue box will appear.
    • Select Hyperlink to and in the dropdown menu, choose slide.
    • Choose Slide 2 and press, OK.
    • Save the setting by clicking OK
  • Link the remaining three options (incorrect answers) with the Wrong Answer Slide using the same steps

Step 5: Hyperlinking the buttons

  • Buttons on the right answer slide – “Next Question” Link this button to the next question slides in your presentation.
  • Buttons on the wrong answer slide – “Next Question” and “Try Again.”
    • Link the Next Question button to the next question slide in the presentation.
    • Link the Try Again button to the initial Question Slide, which will allow the user to re-attempt the question.

Step 6: Always include a thank you slide at the end of any presentation.

To create a Question and answer slide in Powerpoint, refer to our blog.

What is the importance of questions and answers in a business presentation?

Question and Answer Slides make the presentations more interactive and encourage dialogue and feedback from the audience. Q and A slides help highlight problems and solutions or opportunities in the presentation and fosters healthy dialogue with the audience. Questions and Answers also keep the audience on toes and breaks the monotony for the audience in case of lengthy presentations.