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Google Slides Templates For Presentations:

Google Slides has become a popular choice among presenters, as an alternative to PowerPoint. Whether you are a business professional, an educator, or a student, Google Slides themes act as a starting point to create presentations.

Google Slides templates offer the advantage of collaborating on presentations in real time. Whether you want to work on a pitch deck or any project presentation, collaborate and create professional presentations in no time with Google Slides themes!

Google Slides Themes and Templates

What are Google Slides templates?

Google Slides templates are a blueprint of individual slides, having a predefined layout, color, font, style, visual effects, and background. These pre-designed layouts help you focus on the presentation content rather than the design. You can create engaging and memorable presentations by incorporating visuals that reinforce the content. Download Google Slides templates and avoid the hassle of creating presentations from scratch.

How to import themes to Google Slides?

Google Slides has an inbuilt library of Google Slides themes. Use them as a starting point to add a professional and polished look to your presentations. Follow the steps below to import a theme in Google Slides:
  1. In your Google Slides presentations, select "Themes" > Click "Import Themes".
  2. Browse and select the presentation you want to import.
  3. Click the theme you want and click "Import Theme".
While in-built Google Slides themes are a great starting point, they offer limited choice. Explore our latest Google Slides themes for various new templates related to different business topics like project management, marketing, finance, HR, and more. Download Now!

How to edit themes in Google Slides?

After you have imported a theme in Google Slides, it is necessary to repurpose the content and design to match your brand guidelines. Follow these two ways and start editing your Google Slides themes:
  1. Go to the "Slide" tab > click on the "Edit Theme" option.
  2. Alternatively, Go to the "View" tab > select the "Theme Builder" option. This will open your slides in "Slide Master View".
When you make changes to the Slide Master, it will change the layout of all the slides in the presentation. This makes it easy to update common elements across the presentation. Update your logo, change the colors to match your brand color, add your content to the Google Slides theme, and have your business presentation ready in minutes.

Where to get free Google Slides templates?

Google Slides offers inbuilt free Google Slides templates online. Even though the templates are helpful, the collection is limited. For a diverse range of Google Slides themes, you can explore online websites like SlideUpLift. Our extensive catalog of premium and free Google Slides presentation templates caters to every presenter's needs. Whether you have a creative or a business presentation, our collection of slide themes for Google Slides is customizable to suit the needs of any given user better. So, the possibilities are endless. Check out our collection of Best Themes for Google Slides!

Why Should I Use Google Slides Themes from SlideUpLift?

SlideUpLift offers over 7,000+ Google Slides themes and templates to cater to your presentation needs. We are constantly updating our library to match the requirements of every professional and industry. Among our collection of themes for Google Slides, you can find a wide range of Executive Summary templates, SWOT Analysis templates, 30 60 90 Day Plan templates, Finance templates, Human Resources templates, and many more. They help you build your presentation quicker and far more appealing than plain text slides.

Are Google Slides Templates different from Themes?

Google Slides templates are slightly different from Google Slides presentation themes. A template is a blueprint of an individual slide, having a predefined layout, color, font, style, visual effects, and background. A Google Slides theme is a collection of individual templates that stitch together to form a presentation. Both are used for different presentation needs based on the use case. For example, A Project Kickoff presentation can be termed as a Google Slides theme. In contrast, an individual slide on Project Timeline (in Project Kickoff presentation) can be called a Google Slides template.