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Best Pros And Cons List For Effective Decision-Making

A pros and cons list helps you make better decisions by comparing all the advantages and disadvantages simultaneously. It considers all the factors affecting a decision and saves you time. After this blog, you will be able to make effective decisions in no time.

It takes a lot of work to make decisions when choosing one option over the other, especially when there are multiple factors to consider. You may want to opt for the first option, but you will see some benefits, too, in the second option. How do you make a better decision about which option to choose? It’s confusing, right? It’s challenging to decide as all the choices have advantages and disadvantages. Have you ever tried a Pros and Cons List?

A pro con list is a simple but effective decision-making strategy that allows you to look at the situation from different angles, consider appropriate solutions, and make the right choice. This blog will discuss the importance and pros and cons meaning, along with a detailed guide on how to create one. We will also discuss some pros and cons examples and templates. Let’s get started.

What Is A Pros And Cons List?

A pro con list outlines the advantages and disadvantages of a specific option or decision. It basically shows them in a listicle format, with the Pros listed on the left side and the cons on the right. This makes it easy for you to decide, as you can see all the factors in front of you. Hence, it helps you make better-informed decisions. 

what is a pro and con list

It provides clarity about your choices and helps you make decisions effectively. Whether you want to buy a new product, choose from multiple job options, or make any major decision in your life, the Pros cons table comes in handy in all decisions. 

People and businesses have always had to make decisions. A Pros and cons list makes it easier to differentiate between the positives and negatives of any business plan, decision, strategy, plan, and more, bringing clarity to make decisions with ease. 

Writing things down frees up the mental capacity for thinking and decision-making. Furthermore, this approach also adds a visual dimension to help facilitate the decision-making process. 

What are Pros And Cons Of Pros And Cons List?

The difference between pros and cons list is that the Pros section outlines the advantages of making a particular decision. Similarly, the Cons section lists all the disadvantages of a decision. Now, let’s discuss what are pros and cons of using a pro con list. 


1. Clarity and Organization

It offers a clear and concise way to identify and document the various factors that influence your decision-making process. It helps you clarify the options available by breaking down complex decisions into smaller options.

2. Helps you make rational decisions

It helps you make decisions objectively. By listing both the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you will be able to consider your choices impartially. It lowers the influence of emotions, biases, or personal preferences in your decision-making process. Hence, you make more rational decisions.

3. Saves time

The pros and cons list provides a very effective way for an individual to weigh options, especially in complex decisions involving several factors. Organizing information in such a clear and succinct manner helps make the decision and avoid unnecessary deliberation. You can quickly look through the advantages and disadvantages of options, enabling you to choose without undue procrastination.

4. Evaluates all factors

It makes you consider various factors while making decisions. They consider cost, time, and feasibility. They also count emotional factors like personal values and preferences. By considering all relevant factors, you will make better decisions with both short-term and long-term implications.


  1. It fails to show the interdependencies between factors.
  2. There are chances that Different People may assign different weights to the same factors, hence making different conclusions. As a result, two people might make different decisions about the same factors and situation.
  3. It may lack context. This makes it difficult to assess the relative significance of each factor. It may not consider certain external factors, which can significantly impact decision outcomes.
  4. There is a chance that too many factors and data can confuse you and make your decision-making progress longer.

When To Use A Pros And Cons List

  • Personal Decision-Making: It can help a person undertake some of the most difficult personal decisions, such as buying a house, choosing a pet, or even taking up a new hobby or fitness activity.
  • Purchase Decision Evaluation: The purchase decisions comprise decisions about buying new cars, electronic gadgets, home appliances, etc. You can evaluate all these purchase decisions based on the list.
  • Project Planning and Management: It is yet another valuable tool within the ambit of project planning and management. It could help recognize the potential risks, challenges, and opportunities that come with any decision related to the project, be it the choice of vendors, methodologies, or project deliverables.
  • Career Planning: It can help you make sound decisions in your career and work field. For instance, there are several areas in which you should have a pros and cons list: before taking a job, when thinking of changing careers, and before getting more education or training. In short, they assess all the advantages and disadvantages of different career paths or options in a systematic way.
  • Strategic Decision Making: You can use it even in the context of business in strategic decision-making. Structures the analysis of the potential risks and rewards of given options, sizing up business strategies, looking at investment possibilities, or deciding on the operation.

How To Create A Pros And Cons List?

Steps to create pro con

1. Define your decision

The first and foremost thing you need is to decide the thing for which you want to make a decision. If you wish to buy something, or you want to choose which strategy will work at your work. Or do you need clarification about which job offer to take? Choose the things for which you want to create the presentation.

2. Create Two columns or Tables

The next step is to create a pros and cons table or list to compare the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions. You can take a piece of paper and draw a line in the center to bisect two sides, or you can do this in MS PowerPoint. Choose Line from the Shapes option and draw a line. Label the left section as Pros and label the right section as cons.

3. Write the Pros

Now, consider the advantages you will have if you make a decision. In the Pros section on the left, list all the possible benefits or positive approaches to the decision. You can include features, advantages, and opportunities for the particular decision in this section of the pros and cons list.

4. Write the Cons

Now, consider the disadvantages of this decision. List all the drawbacks, limitations, risks, and negative approaches that might occur if you make the decision. For example, if you are buying a car, consider disadvantages like maintenance costs, value depreciation, fuel expenses, etc. Take your time and list all the potential drawbacks.

5. Assign weights for importance

You have listed all the factors, but they should have different importance. Some might be more valuable, while others can affect you minimally. That’s why it’s better to assign relative weights to each factor. For example, while choosing a job offer, you may assign higher weights to the salary and lower weights to the leave policy. These relative weights will help you make better decisions. Simile, assign negative weights to the cons.

6. Evaluate & Make a Decision

Now, Evaluate all your factors. Add your relative weights and see if the overall score is positive or negative. If the score is positive, it means that making this decision might be helpful to you. Otherwise, if the score is negative, then you should consider other choices. 

How To Present Pros And Cons List In PowerPoint?

A logical and standard way to draft is listing the advantages on one side and, on the other, the ideas or reasons that speak against it. The pros and cons PowerPoint templates are perfect for weighing the positives and negatives. 

The best PowerPoint templates deliver the information most accurately by using various eye-catching indicators, such as green and red arrow marks, to show the difference between pros and cons of a particular scenario. 

Below is a stepwise guide to making a simple pros and cons list PowerPoint template:

How to present pros cons in powerpoint

Step 1: Make a layout – Placing the content on two opposite sides is the best way to showcase any comparison. Go to Insert > shapes (choose any PowerPoint shape you like)

Step 2: Here, we have taken a rectangle and added a circle inside it (to add an icon). Group the shapes and duplicate the design.

Step 3: Add text box- Add a text box under both columns and add content. Insert > Text Box.

Step 4: Add icons: Insert > icons

Step 5: Make necessary adjustments as per your requirements and save the presentation.

Pros And Cons Examples

Example for individuals

We will discuss a pros and cons List Example for a professional who needs to decide whether to accept a new job offer:

Shows Example For Individuals
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  • Higher Salary: 30 Lakhs per year.
  • Opportunity for Career Advancement
  • Positive Company Culture
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Access to training programs, workshops, and conferences.


  • Longer commute
  • Uncertainty About Company Stability
  • Limited Vacation Days
  • Relocation Required
  • Higher Cost of Living in New Location

Example for corporate employee

Let’s consider another example where a manager is deciding whether to implement a new work-from-home policy for their team.

Shows Pros And Cons List For Corporate Employee
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  • Improved Work-Life Balance
  • Cost Savings: Reduced office space and overhead costs
  • Reduced Commuting Stress
  • Expanded Talent Pool


  • Potential Communication Challenges
  • Loss of Team Cohesion
  • Tracking employee productivity may be more challenging
  • Employees may struggle to separate work and personal life

Pros And Cons List Templates

As the audience gets hooked to the visuals, here are a few creative customizable PowerPoint templates to compare your dilemmas’ advantages and disadvantages.

These customizable Pros and Cons templates showcase your dilemma and drive significant decisions. You can also use them to showcase other comparisons such as advantages and disadvantages, right or wrong, Do’s and Don’t, etc.

Pros And Cons List Template

List PowerPoint Template
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This template will help you list the plus and minus points of any decision you want. The use of PowerPoint Icons makes the message more evident and enhances the design of the slides. The slide is fully editable, and you can customize it as per your requirements. Just download and use it. 

Business Pros And Cons Table PowerPoint Template

This is a type of pros cons table slide. It has a creative table highlighting a comparison between different options. You can edit the textbox and write the points in detail. 

Business Pros And Cons Table PowerPoint Template
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The best thing is that you can use this template to compare or analyze the benefits and drawbacks of multiple decisions simultaneously. It has four options to add, where you can add benefits and drawbacks in separate boxes. The slide is fully editable, and you can customize it as per your requirements. Just download it and use it.

Pros And Cons List Arrow Template

Pros And Cons List Arrow Template
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This template uses arrow-style graphics that clearly reflect the pros and cons of a particular option. The arrow-styled graphic enhances the overall visual appeal of your presentation. You can change the arrows’ color to suit your needs. You can also add other graphic elements if needed. 

Pros And Cons Chart Template

Shows Pros And Cons Chart Template
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Using the pros and cons chart slide below; you can showcase a detailed comparison and highlight the positives and negatives of multiple aspects. It has two circular charts denoting the advantages and disadvantages. Its minimalistic design makes it more visually appealing. You can change the background image and icons on the slide. Simply download it and edit the template to suit your needs.

Pros And Cons List Animated Template

Animated template
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This template’s unique feature is that it comes with animations. Adding animations makes your presentations stand out in front of your audience and leave a solid impression on them. Use this template to show the benefits and drawbacks of processes or methods in your business to your stakeholders and team members. All you have to do is download it and directly use it by editing the customizable slides.

Pros And Cons List Template Collection


We discussed the importance of using a pros and cons table and the steps you need to create amazing presentations. To give you a better understanding of the concept, we shared a few pros and cons examples. Creating presentations can be hectic, so we also provided you with the best pros and cons templates for you to start with.

Check out SlideUplift’s presentation templates to create visually appealing presentations that will attract your audience. All the slides are customizable and easy to edit, suitable for professionals from various industries and backgrounds.


  1. What is a list of pros and cons?

    It is a list that compares both the advantages and disadvantages or positive and negative aspects of a decision. You can use it to make informed decisions.

  2. What is the format of a pros and cons list document?

    The format consists of two sections denoting benefits and drawbacks. You can make it in a list or table format.

  3. Are there any alternatives to using the pros and cons table?

    Yes, there are alternative decision-making strategies, such as decision matrices, cost-benefit analysis, SWOT analysis, and scenario planning.

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