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How to make busy slides readable using Indentation

December 4, 2019| slideuplift
How to make busy slides readable using Indentation

This PowerPoint tutorial explains the important PowerPoint feature – Indentation.

What is Indentation? 

Indentation is an important PowerPoint feature for adjusting the way text appears on a slide. It helps in formatting the layout of long paragraphs, making it easier to read and visually appealing.

Why use it? 

Sometimes it becomes inevitable to put a lot of content in your presentation slides. However, too much content can get overwhelming for the audience to read and put a strain on the reader’s eyes. That’s when Indentation helps to not only organize the content but also makes it easy to read.

This article is a short tutorial on how to use indentation and make long monotonous content on your slide enjoyable to read.

  • Click on the “View” Tab
  • Select the “Ruler” option
  • You will now see a Horizontal ruler and Vertical ruler.

(Using Horizontal ruler) –

  • Select the text you want to indent
  • Move the Indent knob

There are three levels of Indentation-

  1. First Line Indent – It adjusts the first line of the paragraph.
      • Use Upper Indent knob
  2. Hanging Indent – It adjusts all lines of the paragraph except for the first line.
      • Use middle indent knob
  3. Left Indent – It moves all lines in the paragraph at the same time.
      • Use bottom indent knob

The indentation gives different results depending on the type of content. Whether you are working on a paragraph or a list, use this simple tip, and make your slide look cleaner and organized.

Here is a video tutorial to this hack. Watch to get a detailed idea –

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