How to make 3D Arrow in PowerPoint | Chevron Arrows | PowerPoint Tutorial

How to make 3D Arrow Diagram in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

February 17, 2020| slideuplift
How to make 3D Arrow Diagram in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial
This PowerPoint article contains a stepwise tutorial to create 3D Arrows in PowerPoint. 
Creating different design elements for your presentation takes a good amount of time and efforts and sometimes we don’t get the desired output. Worry not! After watching this PowerPoint Tutorial, you will be able to create one of the most commonly used shapes in PowerPoint in minutes. Watch our complete series PowerPoint tips and tutorials and learn some amazing PowerPoint hacks.

Arrow diagrams are one of the most widely used shapes in PowerPoint Presentations. They are a perfect design element to illustrate directions, steps, process, flow, and other similar business ideas and messages. Making a simple arrow diagram in PowerPoint is easy, but giving it a 3D effect enhances the overall look of the ppt slide.   

In this article, you will learn to create four steps 3D Arrow Diagram using the basic 3D tools in PowerPoint.

Step 1 – Insert Rectangle shape

Step 2 – Select the shape and press “CTRL+D” to duplicate up-to four shapes. (arrange the shapes in a sequence)

Step 3 – Insert Arrow shape, Resize, and position it accordingly to form an arrow.

Step 4 – To apply color – Select shape> shape fill.

Step 5 – Now for the 3D effect – Select all the shapes and group them – CTRL+G

Step 6Once grouped, select the shape and –

1. Right-click on the mouse> Format shape>shape options> 3-D Format 

2. Select 3-D rotation and choose a 3-D effect of your choice

Step 7 – Double click on the boxes to insert your desired text.


Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea –

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