Product Description:

The 30 60 90 Day Marketing Plan template graphically highlights the key goals over a 90-day timeframe. This template helps prepare marketing leaders to transition into their new roles by giving them a checklist to chart their progress. The 30- and 60-day milestones help to outline and implement the process that generates the desired results on the 90-day milestone.

The 30 60 90 plan template has an easy-to-understand, minimalistic design and is centered in the middle. Three different colored text boxes help the audience understand that three distinct points will be covered. However, each box is linked to the other, representing a 30-day window, allowing audiences to relate each point to the one mentioned before and after. In each timeframe, a new or unique aim is highlighted to provide simple and straightforward information. Each box in this 30 60 90 day template has space for a quick explanation of the period’s highlight goal and the duration it applies to.

Marketing leaders can use these professional slide templates to accustom themselves to their new roles and allow themselves a healthy and steady pace to develop and ease into their new responsibilities. This professional PowerPoint template is fully customizable, compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, and allows users to alter the text, icons, colors, and font.