Product Description:

30 60 90 Day Plan Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates

This collection of 30 60 90-day plan templates is crafted by experts to help you visualize and communicate your set of goals and objectives in 30 60 90 incremental time frames. It ensures clarity, sets expectations, and prioritizes goals. The 30 60 90 Day Plan Template is a versatile tool; it can be used by any professional wanting to showcase his strategies, goals, or plans in a structured and effective manner. It can be used by project managers to showcase their project highlights, such as immediate priorities(first 30 days), mid-term goals(days 31 to 60), and long-term objectives(61-90). This Slide Template collection offers you a set of 40+ modern and sleek blue-themed templates, which have visually appealing designs. These templates are 100% customizable; you can edit icons, images, fonts, and backgrounds according to your presentation needs. Additionally, what makes this template more flexible is its compatibility; it can be used in both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Utilize these templates to deliver impactful presentations.